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  • 5 star review  Adam and his crew were phenomenal! On time, honest, clean, and extremely personable. I would recommend them to anyone!

    thumb Verleen Turner

    5 star review  We experienced an overnight leak stemming from a plugged bathroom drain and leaking flush valve that affected 3 rooms and 2 hallways. I called Restoration Heroes and their response was immediate. Gary Pesner came to the jobsite and arranged to have his team on site to begin dehumidifying the areas. He dealt with our insurance company and met with the insurance inspector to determine damage and replacement cost. Gary's team were on site daily to remove moisture collected from the dehumidifiers and to take humidity readings until the areas were completely dry. Restoration Heroes then had the carpets steam cleaned.Mold was found from a previous leak and Restoration Heroes dealt with the mold removal, testing and mold free certifications. They also recommended a contractor to repair the areas that required drywall removal for mold mitigation.Overall these people were professional, timely and careful.

    thumb robert ladewig
  • 5 star review  If you have a water damage incident, this is the team to call. Their service and quality are impeccable. We had a sewer back up in our bottom tri-level floor. Our emergency plumber recommended Restoration Heroes for the clean-up. Restoration Heroes came out late at night, did damage control, took care of the immediate cleanup, then helped us restore our house to healthy conditions over the next week and a half so we could start the rebuild. From day one, they held our hand through the entire insurance claims process, helping us understand what would and would not be covered, and even working directly with our claims adjuster. This was helpful because it saved us time, but also because we had an advisor looking out for our best interest throughout the insurance process. And Restoration Heroes does not charge you anything over and above what the insurance company pays for restoration. So there was no additional out-of-pocket in using them other than the deductible we were already obligated to pay the insurance company for restoration and rebuild. When it came to repairs, Restoration Heroes recommended and made introductions to contractors who also knew how to navigate the insurance claims. Frankly, I wouldn’t have known how to proceed the night of the event without Restoration Heroes, and I feel very fortunate that the emergency plumber who helped us recommended them.

    thumb Ronda Broughton

    5 star review  Restoration Heroes were great. No one likes to deal with an unexpected leak/flood so I appreciate their quick and professional work. This was my first time dealing with a flood and insurance so they were very helpful given their responsiveness and transparency with each step of the process. I hope I don’t have any water damage issues in the future, but if I do I know who I’ll call.

    thumb Alexander Price (Photography)
  • 5 star review  We had a water leak in our bathroom, and our floors were damaged. The plumming company called Restoration Heroes who responded immediately , diagnosed the issue , explained the process, and educated us regarding all aspects of the clean up operation .. They dispatched a crew the next morning and worked with our insurance company to approve our claim. Gary answered all our questions, was so patient and kept us informed of the remediation progress on a daily basis . All the staff were curtious, took Covid measures, dried up the water damage , cured the mold and cleaned up the area after the job was done . Their professionalism and knowledge turned a stressful situation into a comfortable experience. I highly recommend Restoration Heroes.

    thumb Rola Al Ghosain

    5 star review  The Restoration Heroes team provides excellent customer service. I had a water issue that was denied by the insurance but Gary, Adam and Brenton were there every step of the way. They were there to answer any questions, returned calls and always followed up. They were genuinely concerned about the difficulty I was having with my insurance and really helped me out. I highly recommend Restoration Heroes!

    thumb Yolanda Moreno

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Healthy Homes are our top priority! Some of the most dangerous environments we encounter are homes and facilities after a fire damage. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different types of toxic particulates, gases, and vapors emitted from a structure fire. Proper cleaning of these harmful combustion particles is paramount to the health and safety of the occupants. Our certified team of experts respond to emergencies effectively to quickly stabilize the property, properly clean for the health and safety of all involved, and ensure maximum recovery as possible.

Strictly following the proper cleaning protocols, our restoration process includes mitigating damage, smoke damage cleanup and water restoration as quickly as possible after the incident, to ensure your health and safety and minimize secondary damage.

Our Process

Restoration Heroes specializes in professional fire and smoke clean up and restoration using the most modern and effective methods and equipment

Emergency Services

We board and seal off any openings in the structure - including windows and doors, to protect your security and minimize future damage.

Damage Assessment

We carry out in-depth fire damage and risk assessment to understand the extent of the incident and evaluate the best way to proceed.

Recovery and Handling

Quick restoration of all personal property including electronics, documents, artwork, and special furniture both on-site and off-site.

Cleaning Deodorization

Our team of certified odor removal specialists will identify the source of the odor to provide quality cleaning and smoke deodorization.

Structural Drying

We reduce moisture in water damage with advanced techniques to prevent any further damage and promoting a healthier environment.

HVAC Duct System

We perform comprehensive HVAC duct cleaning and unit damage restoration to prevent harmful, respirable particulates from causing health issues to the occupants..

Restoration Heroes

Common Types of Structural Fires

Kitchen fires caused by cooking activities are the leading cause of structural fire damage and fire injuries. They are very often caused by highly-flammable greases that become overheated on a stove or in an oven. It’s important to closely monitor your items on the stove while cooking to prevent structural fire damage and related injuries!

Electrical faults are another leading cause of fire damage and usually occur because of short circuits or current overloads that ignite building materials. It’s important to have properly installed electrical systems and to properly use electoral accessories such as surge protectors in order to prevent fire damage. Please call the fire department immediately if there is an issue!