Restoration Heroes

The Premiere Restoration Contractor

Restoration Heroes is the most advanced restoration company specializing in restoring healthy homes! We utilize the latest technology and most effective trade methods to remediate your property back to pre-loss condition in the safest, healthiest, quickest, and most effective manner possible.

We work closely with our clients to provide a fully customized solution for any type of disaster, tailored specifically to your needs. We handle all types of losses, including residential and commercial. There is no job too small or too large – we can handle it all!

Your #1 Damage Restoration Company

Founded in 2019 and backed by decades of restoration and construction experience, Restoration Heroes was founded by Adam Redhead and Eric Funnell. We were tired of seeing the same old song and dance from tired-out restoration contractors who were doing the bare minimum to get by and charging an arm and a leg for mediocre service. All too often, restoration contractors will simply rip and tear building materials and set drying equipment, often leaving a property unfinished with potentially serious and unhealthy consequences for the occupants. We knew there must be a better way to provide this service!

We’ve consulted with the brightest minds in our industry to learn the most effective methods for proper structural remediation. However, since this is an ever-changing landscape, we continually invest in our own and our team’s continual education and training. We are, and will always be, lifelong students of the trade.
With the advancement of modern technology, we continually keep one eye on the technological frontier at all times, to ensure that at any given moment, we are offering an unparalleled service to our clients in Orange County and close surrounding areas.
Our clients call us when they are in some scary, chaotic, and emotionally turbulent situations, and we do not take it lightly. Our mission is the be the rock our clients can depend on during these challenging times. In every way possible, we strive to be the best and to deliver the finest restoration service possible, both from a trade and customer service standpoint. Restoration Heroes isn’t just a name, it encompasses our entire approach to this business.

We are here with you every step of the way!

The Restoration Heroes Vision

At Restoration Heroes, we reckon and look at a home as a shelter, an asset, and an integral part of your family.

When disaster hits, uncalled-for and unforeseen, the stroke of bad luck cries out for a glimmer of hope. Restoration Heroes is founded on the venture to be that fighting chance. The motto has been our driving force regardless of the scale of work we commit ourselves to.

The Restoration Heroes Mission

To achieve our mission of being the beacon of light to disaster-struck homes, we employ avant-garde technology and authoritative techniques. To live up to the vision, we coach our team members with well-reasoned customer service standards.

A marriage of our vision with the mission is bonded with legal yardsticks to ensure that our operations are signed and sealed. But Just because we ascertain safe and long-lasting solutions, we do not compromise on pace. We know you need your home in good order at the soonest.

To tailor our deeds to your needs, we go through a process of extracting and reviewing your requirements.

And in emergencies, we are a ring away!

See What Our Clients Have To Say….

I am a fellow restorer in the distaste restoration business and I must say Restoration Heroes is one company that will shine bright in this industry for many years to come. Having worked with the founder and owner Adam Redhead I have first had experience with his great work ethic, attention to detail, care for his clients and employees and many more attributes that make him and his company a top notch, first call water damage and mold remediation company. I have all the confidence in the world that Restoration Heroes will be the right hire by anyone needing their services. For years this industry has been bogged by money hungry, client ignoring individuals and companies. Adam has made it his mission to be a top notch, client friendly, standards keeping restoration company and he and his company have taken all the steps necessary to fulfill this promise. Do yourself a favor and give Restoration Heroes a call and see from the “hello” just exactly what I’m talking about. RESTORATION HEROES we in the Restoration Industry salute you!
Eric Funnell
If Adam shows up at your home, it most likely means something has gone wrong and you’re probably not in the best of moods, but have faith, Adam is there to help. Adam is professional, conscious of the circumstances and the duress you may be experiencing, just let him do his thing, you’re in good hands. Adam strives for customer satisfaction and results show. Even the dogs liked him and they don’t like everyone. Put this guy in your contacts list for that “in case something happens” moment, you won’t be sorry.
Stacey McKay